Damp Floor Solution, East Sussex


Newton 603 used as the damp floor solution in this farm house

Newton Specialist Basement Contractor (NSBC), Cavity Tech had been contacted by the client to carry out damp proofing work on this property. During the time that the work was being carried out with subsequent re-plastering, the client mentioned that they would like a new floor. Cavity Tech suggested they could lay a secret nailed oak floor straight on top of the still damp floor by utilising Newton 603 Flooring Membrane to ensure the moisture sensitive oak would remain dry.


Damp floor solution - Newton 603

Newton 603 flooring membrane is ideal for treating damp floors

Cavity Tech was engaged by the client to carry out damp proofing work which involved the removal of contaminated plaster and the insertion of a chemical DPC. Once this had been completed, Newton 603 Flooring Membrane was installed above the slab to ensure that no moisture or damp could affect the new floor.


The client was able to have their home put back to a finished state quickly and without the worry about whether their expensive oak floor would be affected by moisture from the slab.


Newton 603 Flooring Membrane is ideal for moisture sensitive timber floors. It also allows you to put a floor with a new slab back in to use very quickly. Newton waterproofing and damp proofing membranes are quick and cost effective methods of overcoming damp and waterproofing problems in new build and refurb projects. When application is carried out by a Newton Registered Contractor, both client and major contractor have a guaranteed professional solution. Contact us for an installer in your area

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